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What Is The Longevity Advantage?

A Life of Longevity Through

A Focus on Lifestyle

Longevity isn’t about doing one thing right, or about perfection, or just for the chosen few. It’s available to almost all of us and is just about making informed choices along the journey of life.

How To Achieve

Life Balance

The Longevity Advantage

Keys To Healthspan

Most will unknowingly give away about 10 years of healthy living, “healthspan” years, and the opportunity to continue enjoying daily living to the fullest. We know this based on data gathered from hundreds of millions of people. We don’t hear a lot about it because as you look at the list, the things that promote longevity aren’t deeply rooted in consumer products and services, but rather in simple, accessible lifestyle choices.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the longest living communities in the world aren’t dependent upon anti-aging products and retirement resorts. They thrive due to the education passed down through their generations, often with far less exposure to, and distractions from modern conveniences.

Millions of us could easily leverage what is already known about epigenetics to live healthy to 95, with just some basic education on how interconnected our bodies are with our lifestyle choices and our environment. None of this involves sacrifice, pills or potions. Informed choices become natural choices, resulting in both immediate and sustainable lifestyle benefits.

How To Achieve

Life Balance

Human biology is nothing short of spectacular. Stress it appropriately, feed it quality fuel, foster it in an environment that supports success, and it miraculously heals the wounds of healthy normal living, entirely without our knowledge. Billions of our cells die and are replaced every day, constantly adapting and interacting with all parts of the body and with the world around it. Understanding this basic truth positions us for a much more inviting trajectory.

We long thought longevity was all about genetics. The numbers tell us that for 99.98% of us living today, longevity genes have little to offer. It isn’t until our mid 90s that longevity genes begin to play a role, and even then science is far from clear on how. 

Genetic research we hear about in the news is likely to play a bigger role in about twenty years, but until then, epigenetics are the knobs we can turn today, just by the proactive lifestyle choices we make every day to preserve our bodies and minds for the decades ahead.

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