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Adults age at surprisingly varied rates, and until recently, our assumptions on aging were based largely upon correlations of population studies. Thanks to recent advancements in bioscience, we can now estimate our biological age by studying our epigenetic biomarkers, based on some specific phenotypes. 

These new methods provide deeper insights into our healthspan trajectory at a genetic level far beyond how many candles might be on our chronological birthday cake.

Aging is highly complex and happens on many levels. At its core, our genetics act as our central processor, and over time, communications slowly break down, contributing to cellular dysfunction.

This occurs throughout the body, often accelerating without our knowledge, until finally presenting as a clinical disease. The aging effects visible in our skin are just one indication of impaired organ functions and cognitive decline.

We’ve known for decades that lifestyle plays a key role in overall health and aging, but it’s only our recent epigenetic work that enables us to now measure cellular and genetic health over longitudinal time and across populations.

We’ve discovered that accelerated aging is associated with increased activation of pro-inflammatory and interferon pathways, and decreased activation of transcriptional translational machinery, DNA damage response, and mitochondrial signatures.

What that says is to slow aging, we need to limit inflammation and interferon stimulation. In doing so, we protect our cells, communications networks and genetic integrity. These are the important pathways in aging, led by researcher M. Levine, PhD (Yale U.), S. Horvath, PhD (UCLA) and others.

A simple blood sample test, based on common lab measurements, enables insights into our DNA methylation phenotype that can be expressed as our biological age. This also empowers us with a new tool for ongoing assessments of our holistic health state and the benefits or risks of our epigenetic lifestyle fingerprint.

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